There's one key driver behind the biggest bank merger in a decade: TechnologyBB&T and SunTrust are combining to create the sixth-largest U.S. bank in $66 billion deal, the companies announced Thursday.The combined bank plans to focus on technology to compete with giants like J.P. Morgan and stay relevant among endless mobile and start-up banking options.“We face a fundamental choice – disrupt our business or be disrupted,” BB&T CEO Kelly S. King said in the bank’s most recent annual shareholder letter.

Your Actions Today Can Change Your Family History

Have you ever thought about how your actions today can change your family history? Let me be more direct. The mismanagement of money could impact some of the financial struggles your child may or may not face in the future.

Most people were not brought up under sound money management instruction and guidance within the family. Unfortunately, education within our school systems and even in our immediate family was and is in many cases, still absent.

As a side note, I think every child should go through two courses at the appropriate age: 1) Biblical financial principles; 2) Practical steps and tools for managing money.

Today is an opportunity...

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